Rolls Bayce @ The Curtin

Rolls Bayce

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After a long day in the office and smashing a wine or ten as soon as it hit 5.30, I almost caught the wrong tram to The John Curtin Hotel and nearly missed the gig I’ve been waiting for a long time to hit up; Rolls Bayce.

Since hitting my ears with their psych-wah-indie self-titled EP last November, I’ve been interested to see how these three dudes would pull out their performances.

I made it in time to catch the end of Melbourne’s Playwrite. This is straight-up a band that pushes the boundaries of what it is to create unique sounds yet still be conventional enough to have mass appeal. With pounding tribal-esque drums and strong vocals that alone create their own sonic soundscape, Playwrite played to a crowd that appeared very intune to what they were putting down.

Rolls Bayce hit the stage and opened with the stellar and spacey crowd favourite, “Mutate”. With his guitar strapped up high, frontman Dean McGrath achieved lush 1970s-esque guitar cuts and connected immediately with the unique strengths of his vocals; subtle tremlo and a rather big range.

Their triple j smashing single, “Don’t Get Me Wrong” was always going to be an obvious crowd pleaser. The guitar introduction played to an immediate applaud.

In the midst of this track I became impressed through their domination over the almost confusing juxtaposition of the drum beats, bass line and vocal melody in this song. If there was ever an opportunity for a performer to come off flat, it’s this song. Rolls Bayce killed it here.

Whist they played through another one of their hits, “On My Own”, it became all the move obvious to me of the musical intergrity of Rolls Bayce. Tight and engaging, this Brisbane three-piece put forward the pathways that Australian music is currently kicking huge goals in.

With inflections of the fluidness projected by the likes of Tame Impala, and the accessibility of McGrath’s former band Hungry Kids of Hungary, Rolls Bayce won over spectators at The Curtin that night that may have just happened to stumble across a gig for less than fifteen bucks. Instead, we all got a sneak preview of a band that will achieve great things.


Hometown: Brisbane, Australia.
Latest release: Rolls Bayce EP out November, 2014.
Sounds like: The Black Keys, Moses Gunn Collective, Tame Impala.
Say what? Rolls Bayce was formed from the ashes of Hungry Kids of Hungary and Millions.

Paws and pineapples,

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