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We had a bit of a Q&A with cosmic glitch-hop superstar Opiuo. Renowned internationally for his funky and genre-spanning tunes, Opiuo is currently touring with a live band, something pretty bloody impressive considering the complexity of his music. Have a gander.

You’ve embarked on an Australian national tour as The Opiuo Band, including an additional date in Melbourne after the first show sold out. How’s it all feeling? Are you particularly excited for any shows?

It feels surreal and incredible to have this show on the road now, after months and months of preparation, problem solving, ideas upon ideas and endless rehearsals. As it’s so live, every time we’ve taken the stage it’s a completely new, almost unknown adventure taking over. Its fucking exciting to be honest. Each show is so different and keeps us on our toes. We’re doing 26 shows on this Australian and North American tour, and I’m looking forward to every single date to be honest.

What inspired this transition from a solo act into a band and how has it been received by fans? Do you feel like your tunes are differently represented by a live band?

I always want to continue to push myself and explore new realms of what’s possible within not only my own music, but also ways to present music in general. I never want to do the same thing twice. I feel this show is an extension of what I see music as. Music is alive, and so fucking powerful when presented right. It’s about giving people a new show, and a night to remember. So far I’ve had nothing but amazing positivity from fans old and new, so I think we’re on the right track 🙂

We saw you at Rainbow Serpent in January which was pretty fucking cool. What’s been your favourite set so far this year?

Ha, that’s a super hard question. I’ve played in more than 20 countries over the globe over the last 7 years. From private Google parties with MC Hammer, to trance festivals with thousands of people in the middle of sweltering deserts, to castles, to Mayan ruins on white sand beaches, to underground caves, to roof tops in the biggest cities on the planet. I couldn’t list one particular show. At least the ones I can remember anyway haha

Is there any weird places your music has become popular that you didn’t expect?

I don’t know why I didn’t expect there to be a thriving electronic music scene, but India blew me away, and seems to really dig my sound. I played there last year and it was incredible. I feel in love with the crazy place. I wanna go back! Also there seems to be some awesome people from Iceland into what I do. I’d love to go there someday.

A contentious topic in the world of glitch and trance is the commercialisation of the scene. To what extent do you think this is true? Has the music’s popularity had an adverse effect on the scenes vibe?

I do not think the commercialisation of anything is necessarily a good thing, as companies and individuals are often in for nothing but big profits, leaving the true art to die a slow death. But on the right scale, healthy support with the right intention, growth and expansion enables the people who have worked their asses off to finally earn a living while maintaining the goodness in what they make. The ability to reach more people, and show them what they do, whether it make music, or produce events to showcase others art, is a good thing.

I think there will always be people in every scene the world over who say “it was better back in the day”. I agree on some levels, but don’t on others. Nothing will ever stay the same. Music and culture is about evolution, experimentation, and adaption. It must evolve, otherwise it becomes stale.

What’s in store for Opiuo fans in the future?

More music, more shows, more good fucking times!

So there you have it. Glitch on you geese.


Hometown: Melbourne/New Zealand/The cosmos.
Latest LP: Meraki, released 21st March, 2014.
Sounds like: Spoonbill, Bassnectar, Beat Fatigue.
Say what? Opiuo once played with MC Hammer, how good.

Deaf, cold and drunk,
Leo signing off.

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