Peace – GTM Sideshow @ Ding Dong Lounge


Going into this gig with just a couple of Peace songs in my back catalogue that I’ve heard and enjoyed, I didn’t really expect a whole lot. But – in short – I’m sold. I’ve joined the Peace Corps, I’m a peacekeeper, I’m that full of peace I’ve gone back to Woodstock ’69.


Lead singer Harry Koisser was decked out in a peace sign t-shirt and amazing locks. The entire band feels very much like an English rock band. They are appropriately channelling their predecessors – Oasis, Foals, The Vaccines.

They started the set off with back to back crowd pleasers. “Money” and “Follow Baby”. They’re young but they’ve been kicking around for a couple years now, and they play a tight set. Koisser has a great range and diversity in vocals. And the backing vocals, supplied mostly by drummer Dom Boyce, were a perfect addition. They were also very adept at instrumental transitions between songs – so often a box ticker for me at live shows.

They played a mix of old and new songs from recently released 18-track strong Happy People and 2013 album In Love. They got a bit more experimental in the second album, with more genre jumping and technique, and this was showcased live as well. I must admit I don’t know much about guitars but I could listen to Koisser on his distortion pedals all day.

Peace’s lyrics are typically reflective of themes like the celebration of youth, romance and societal commentary. It doesn’t surprise me that a lot of the crowd was a younger demographic (I saw a girl with braces on her teeth still – this scares me).

“I’m a Girl”: Do you feel like a man / ’cause you got blood on your hands? / If we’re living in a man’s world / I’m a girl.

“Wraith”: Oooooh, she tastes like sunlight / And she’s always gonna be there in the back of your mind / Oooooooh, Is there time to rewind? / Were you born to live, or born to die?

It’s kind of like my equivalent of the teenage emo music phase. While they’re good at the instrumentals, the more pop-y and the more psychedelic, it’s the anthemic songs like “I’m a Girl” and “Lost On Me” that really nail it home with their crowds.

Who didn’t wanna get lovesick with Peace after that show?

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  

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