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As it goes, historically, reviews are meant to be objective blah blah etc. etc.

But, as it goes, also historically, they never are because if you think something is good you write that it is good and if you think that something is shit then you write that it effing sucked…even if you don’t have a technical reason. Even if just because, it’s just because.

What does this have to do with “Child” by Detroit duo Gosh Pith?

Well, “Child” is a bloody good song because of the spaced out reverb, echoes and equally as spaced and mellow lyrics and the vocal tones makes you feel in flux, floaty and like Homer Simpson in that episode where he trips balls on weed.

Nylon magazine says that the mesmerising “cosmic- trap” sound of Gosh Pith came from a “psychedelic stroll through the streets of Paris” and I would believe this. I would also believe in things like acid kicking in, and I do.  And when I do, I think of “Child” just as much as I think about Primal Scream.

I know, “What the shit is ‘cosmic trap’?” I hear you hark.  I can’t find any official definition but my standards lets just say it must be limitless (‘cosmic’) fast time signatures that the beat naturally oscillates within and gets caught in (‘trap’). But don’t quote me on that ey?

“Child” taps into lo-fi, post-quiet storm and chillwave and is as progressive as much as it sits in the safe (but entertaining) confines of the current push of psych/pop that seems to be creeping up on us (King Gizz, UMO, Pond).

Other than that, the dude’s vocals are warm, comforting and make me feel like I’m sitting on a rooftop in the suburbs, sinking beers with mates and talking about all the awesome things that we are going to do with our lives.

As subjective as one can be in a music review, “Child” and Gosh Pith are a worthy combination to have in your life, just because. And that’s how music should be.

Done yeah?


Hometown: Detroit, USA
Latest Release: An EP is due later this year (stayed tuned to their Facebook page for details)
Sounds Like: Lucianblomkamp, Washed Out, Eves The Behavior
Say What? These guys sampled Usher’s track “U Got It Bad” in their stellar breakthrough track, “Waves”. Suss it below.

Paws and pineapples, Cat

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