Groovin The Moo @ Bendigo 2015

WELCOME BACK to the now regular – and when I say regular I mean this is the second time – tag-team review from your faveo editors Arianna and Jane!

The great rural touring festival that is Groovin’ The Moo has just wrapped up for 2015, so we’re here to give you the rundown on the Bendigo leg.

Jane: After running a little late, we missed Tkay Maidza perform at a festival AGAIN. Will the stars ever align? Don’t worry, we have a review of her sideshow here.

However, I got to see Peace again, and I’m not complaining about that. Harry Koisser was decked out in a velvet dressing gown which he didn’t acknowledge until the end – “Sorry about the dressing gown, I just woke up”. Okay, okay, we get you’re a rockstar.


Shortly after, it was 2014 triple j Unearthed award winner Meg Mac‘s turn to wow audiences. And wow them she did, with that amazing powerhouse voice of hers. She’s one of those artists that make you wish so hard that you could sing like that. Out of all the bigger, more established acts that performed that day, this was a true standout. How does she manage to make “Grandma’s Hands” sound so utterly sensual?

From soul to hip hop, Oneday looks like they have a shitload of fun on stage. This rapcrew is made up of separate Sydney-based rappers Horrorshow, Spit Syndicate, Joyride and Jackie Onassis. Performing your music to sold out shows with a bunch of mates? Sign me up for that. “Love Me Less”, “S.D.R.O” and “Leave Your Windows Open” were perfect for that sunny mid-afternoon time slot. For me, it really felt like the smaller acts towards the beginning of the day exceeded expectations while the larger ones tended to underperform.

Arianna: Sticky Fingers are one of my favourite bands and I’ve seen them perform three times now. Yes. I’m a very keen bean. They’ve earned a reputation for getting loose on stage and I recall a moment last year when their frontman, Dylan Frost, sauntered on stage and took a swig from a bottle of dark liquor. Before the set even began. I expected the same wildness from the band a fourth time but they were actually pretty tame. It was a surprise from such a rowdy group but hey, it was early in the day. We ended up sitting on the grass instead of moshing in the crowd.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.41.48 pm

San Cisco were fantastic. They performed under the Moolin Rouge tent and it was a refreshing burst of indie-pop goodness. The band seemed like a pretty modest bunch and their energy bounced off every bopping head and wiggling butt in the crowd. Isabella Manfredi from The Preatures made a brief appearance for “Jealousy”, and their 2014 Hottest 100 track, “RUN”, did not disappoint.

Despite Isabella Manfredi’s solid performance with San Cisco, The Preatures were a bit of a letdown. We were relatively close to the Triple J stage but the sound was obscured. Her vocals seemed screechy and their big hits, “Is This How You Feel?” and “Somebody’s Talking”, didn’t rouse the crowd from where we stood.

Jane: I love Ball Park Music. I really, really do. They have consistently penned fantastic pop songs for the last 5 or 6 years, from all the way back to “iFly” to the more recent “She Only Loves Me When I’m There”. It felt almost blasphemous that I hadn’t seen a Ball Park show before, so I was pretty excited to finally hear some of my favourite songs live.


Crushingly disappointed. They had zero energy and zero emotion. In saying that, their visual effects were stunning, and a couple sitting on two people’s shoulders in front of me singing “It’s Nice To Be Alive” to each other was the happiest thing I saw all day. So that was nice.

They also finished off their set with an impromptu outta nowhere cover of “I’ll Be There For You”, or more commonly known as the Friends theme song. Needless to say, shit was lost by the crowd.

Arianna: Hermitude. Holy Hermitude. This was the part of the night where my friend turned to me and said, “Now this is REAL music.”

They played a ridiculous set and pushed out banger after banger. We were quite far from the Channel V stage but their energy pulsed throughout the massive crowd that had built up. The GANZ flip of Hermitude and Flume’s “Hyperparadise” was epic. All minds and states of consciousness were blown.

Charli XCX was a bit of a weird one. I’m not a huge fan of her to begin with and her raps in Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” sounded off. It would have been better if she left Iggy’s vocals in the backing track and focused her energy on the chorus. But it was a fun set. She played a giant blow-up guitar on stage and it was an absurd spectacle that made for an enjoyable watch.


The finale. We were dying by this point. Not sure about you but one-day festivals are always much more gruesome than three-day camping festivals. Being on your feet all day? Dealing with four different seasons in light layers? Dehydration? Disgustingly long lines for those nasty portable toilets? We feel ya.

We took a step back and enjoyed Flight Facilities from the outskirts. It was a peaceful way to end the night. We were blurry messes but Flight Facilities was beautiful. Can every festival end this way?

Ciao ciao, Arianna.
Exclusively handpicked just for you, by Jane.  


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