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east of here

We feel pretty privileged here over at art felicis to hear from Sydney-based duo, East of Here.

Their first release, “Where you Came From” sent shivers down our spines from the sheer awe of it and was a blessing disguised in a subtle email.

Five months later, a video and a slot at the pumping Mountain Sounds Festival, East of Here are back with their follow-up single “Heartbeat”.

The thing that sticks with these dudes is that they have a knack of telling stories through echoing guitar melodies, electronic drum loops and soaring vocals that feel like the would-be ballads of fellow Aussie band Miami Horror crossed with The Middle East.

Inspired by the heart-breaking death of a Sydney teenager last year, “Heartbeat” depicts the communication of a grieving father and the lost child. From this, one cannot help but take the understanding of the whispering vocal chorus in between lyrics, ‘Please forgive me for what I do / When I’m alone I think of you’ to exhale that of the loss that one can never fully fathom.

As the guitar melody becomes higher and tighter, the song reaches a climax as, ‘Well I’m bleeding / Beating my heart’ sings out to reverberated guitars and what seems like a humming and collective vocal underbelly.

A beautifully haunting song, “Heartbeat” creates the atmosphere of growing up in Australia. The sparse but ricocheted guitar lines and the subtle levelling of the vocals with it create soundscapes similar to that of quintessential coming-of-age Australian films like The Year My Voice Broke, The Black Balloon and Somersault.

Proud to be sent their music and proud to watch them create more picturesque scores, East of Here…keep the good work coming.


Hometown: Sydney, #Straya
Sounds Like: Twin Caverns, Explosions in the Sky (with shorter songs and words), The Kite String Tangle
Say What?
 These dudes got picked up by a sweet blog in Belgium.  The power of spreading the good tunes across the interwebz ey?  Check it here.

Paws and pineapples, Cat

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