Saskwatch – I’ll Be Fine Tour @ The Hi-Fi

Hey Nkechi Anele, can I please have that dress? And your voice with that? Thanks.

We’ve all heard it and read about it, but damn, this girl can sing. She’s always wearing stunning things on stage, but she really outdid herself with this drop dead amazing white dress when we saw her perform with Saskwatch at The Hi-Fi.

What a stage presence the whole band has. But they also manage to appear as just a bunch of friends jamming with a larger bunch of friends – ie. the audience. While Anele belted her lungs out with the audience, guitarist Rob Muinos was busy spitting gin at bassist Tom Pettit in the background. He also jumped onto the drum kit and fell off it fairly early in the show, so not sure what was going on there. Pre’d a little too hard?

The diversity of the audience proves how transcending Saskwatch’s music is. Bringing together jazz, R&B, rock smoothly…that ain’t easy. Starting off as VCA students and buskers, they also have a musical professionalism about them. They really incorporated all the elements of a downright fun live show – it was energetic, entertaining and felt really inclusive.

They dipped in and out of their newer and older stuff, and included a cover of Jagwar Ma‘s “Let Her Go”. Watch and fall in love with the soulful rendition, and get mesmerised by all the instrumental elements at play.

One regret was not being able to see the former brass section perform. I never got a chance to see them play altogether. Another disappointment was accidentally missing their sister band Dorsal Fins who were the opener. It’s intriguing to note that Saskwatch’s latest track “I’ll Be Fine” has a really similar sound to Dorsal Fins. Apart from the soulful vocals from Anele, they could seem like the same band. Not overly surprising. But when you compare this song to something like “Born To Break Your Heart” or “I Get Lonely”, they are very different. You’d think that Dorsal Fins would be used to explore that fuzzy, skuzzed out sound rather than steer both Saskwatch and Dorsal Fins towards that same sound.

They encored with “Hands“. It was the drummer’s first show in Melbourne, and he made sure he made an impression, with a pretty epic drum solo to finish the show while Muinos repeatedly banged his guitar against the cymbals. An entertaining finish to an entertaining show.

Exclusively handpicked just for you, by Jane.  

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