Carmada @ The Corner


Congratulations Carmada, after your set at The Corner last Saturday, I now feel old, lame and out of touch.

Rolling up to the venue, I thought it was unusual that such a dance act was playing there and was interested to see what else they would play besides their new EP “Realise”. Greeted by positively pre-pubescent, weather inappropriately dressed punters in line to get in, my mate and I already start to feel uncomfortable.

Kilter is banging out a set on stage as we enter and the crowd is getting down hard, if I had been blindfolded and walked in I would guess this was The Bottom End or Rats. It’s clear the crowd are here to get loose and party hard. We clutch our Coopers Red as, unprepared, I try to get into the set. Kilter is full of energy onstage going between the drum kit and synthesisers. He is definitely technically proficient and with good taste, mixing in samples from Snakadaktal and Hermitude’s “Through the Roof”. Although he is reminiscent of a Flume with drums, he lacks some of the musical depth and sound layering so his set drags ever so slightly.

The long haired, Carmada boys then take the stage and open with some mind numbingly dull glitchy bass lines. What takes place for the next 70 minutes is basically a DJ party set of the Stereosconic variety. I guess I didn’t do my research as I came for the songs such as “On Fire,” which does come mid set and really seems out of place with its delicate piano line and flawless guest vocals live by Maribelle.


To critique the other 66 minutes of the set, I felt like Carmada were having a party identity crisis. The crowd loved “Shame On Me” by AVICII and parts of the set which bordered on electro-house and dubstep. Some punters even getting up on their poor mates shoulders during the set. At The Corner?! you ask incredulously…Tell me about it! someone needs to tell these kids that they were not at Future music (RIP).

However, the boys obviously also share my love of hip hop, pulling out some older tracks like “99 Problems”, Jay Z and “Be Faithful, Fatman Scoop. These songs are not enjoyed as widely, perhaps because most of the crowd were in the first grade when they were released? Anyway a late set nod to The Chemical Brothers with “Swoon” takes me by surprise and delights my mate.

No one can fault them on using a lack of genres but the sharp tone changes grated on me and evidently some other punters. Also, the momentum of the set was jolty with parts of the set lacking the intensity that was needed.

Maybe I am past it, maybe I am too much of a northside wanker, maybe I didn’t have enough party enhancements; the prevalence of this noted one by the boys who shouted out “We can smell that joint!” mid set.

Or maybe they really need to tighten up their set so that the genre transitions are smoother and the energy is higher.

For my delicate ego, I’m going to go with last one.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Latest EP: Realise EP, released December 2014.
Sounds Like: Triple J electronica.
Say What?
 The boys met out @ Oh, Hello in Brisbane and ended up taking the party back to a hotel room where they were subsequently kicked out.

Stay classy, Rosa.

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