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jez dior

Having a parent in the music industry can often make it difficult for some artists to escape their parents’ shadow, but this hasn’t been the case for Jez Dior.

Son of legendary punk-rock guitarist Steve Dior, Jez Dior is becoming known in his own right for his fusion of grunge and hip-hop in his self described genre of “grunge rap”.

Hailing from LA, Dior first hit the scene around two years ago with his debut project, Scarle†† Sage. The mixtape received positive reviews with Dior being referred to as “the real thing of 2013” by MTV. Since then, he’s opened for B.o.B. and Chance the Rapper and just recently finished a tour with Aer in the US.

“The Line” follows on from Dior’s well-received first EP release last year, The Funeral. His previous songs have been emotionally charged and honest, covering topics such as drug abuse and his relationship with his father. “The Line” is no different.

The lyrics of the track are raw, detailing the dynamics of a relationship between Dior and a woman for whom he put himself “on the line”. It details the vulnerability he feels in not living up to her expectations, “I’m just afraid to be everything you wanted to see in me,” and how he feels the relationship is coming to an end with each of them going different ways. The track feels like a final goodbye from Dior to the woman, with him stressing that she’ll be fine without him and that he’s “just another phase”. You can really hear the emotion in Dior’s vocals, particularly in the second verse when he brings up some of the issues he’s had with the relationship, including the woman’s insecurities.

Dior’s strong vocals and lyrics are backed up with a warm melody and especially catchy hook that is bound to get stuck in your head. It’s a great track and one I’ve had on repeat.


Hometown: Los Angeles, California.
Latest EP: The Funeral, released 18 November, 2014.
Sounds like: Drake with an added grunge edge.
Say what? Dior’s first mixtape, Scarle†† Sage, was titled after his little sister. Cute!

Till next time, Erin

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