Mirror Talk – 1997 EP

Mirror-Talk-660x440Liking a cheesy dance tune as much as the next 80s synth pop lover, I was pretty keen to hear the latest offering from Los Angeles popsters, Mirror Talk. If a song (and video chip) like “Don’t doesn’t make you don some sequin hot pants and dance under a disco ball then just stop reading now…you are beyond my help.

By some lucky accident, the first song I encountered was “1/M/T” which is exactly the reeling synth infused dance track I’m looking for. And oh the emotion! Old mate on vocals, Court Alexandra, has a definite case of the feels with lashings of melodrama. The chorus has an amazing disco feel reminiscent of The Village People. This, ladies and gents, is the sound of 3am at The Peel in years to come.

Deflated I soon realise that although it is the middle track, this the best of 1997.

“Some Boys definitely holds its own as a party ballad if that’s what you are into. The synth line in the chorus is pleasing. However the weird falsetto trill early in the track sounds too much like Adam Levine (the singer of Maroon 5 for those who are too cool) and not in a good way, if there is one.

Tracks 2 & 4, Danger and 17“, although radio friendly are lacking in energy and dynamism. Special mention to the guitar solo on “Danger” that seems to be merely holding space for a better solo as well as the soppy chorus on “17”.

1997, ends this somewhat jolting EP with a more upbeat tune that uses a retro synth sound reminiscent of the backing track of a Casio keyboard or The Human League…yes, that is a great thing. This song hits the marks that I believe the other songs are aiming for with a catchy chorus and fun backing track.

As Alexandra sings “it takes me back” it’s evident that this EP certainly does. Well okay, I wasn’t born in the 80s but it definitely takes me back to that sound and despite the somewhat damning review above, I don’t hate it. It is worth noting that this is only their second EP after the 2013 release, Infatuation EP so it’s definitely a solid start.

My hot pants are eagerly awaiting the first album.


Hometown: Los Angeles, USA
Latest EP: 1997 EP, May 2015
Sounds Like: The Human League, BlondieThe Village People and your favourite 90s boy band!
Say What? Their description on Soundcloud is a 390 word second person narrative  that’s supposed to explain their sound or their story or something…you do you, Mirror Talk

Stay Classy, Rosa 

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