Muscles – Unicorns

Muscles Dat feeling of seeing an email with the subject line ‘MUSCLES + NEW SINGLE= UNICORNS’.

An inner monologue of ‘Eff yasssssss! OMGZ! What is going to happen?! Sheeiiiitttt!’ ensued and when the song played out a stomp beat and high pitched grinding, I knew we were about to enter another year of Muscles.

His chill af speech/vocal transcended over the beat expressing, ‘It doesn’t matter who you are / All that matters is you’re with me / Cuz we open up with our hearts / We wear our hearts on our sleeves’.

Simplistic yet deep lyrics, minimalist yet grabbing hooks and an all round party; these are the things that we can expect from Muscles and these are the things that he delivers time and time again.

Since releasing what a friend once called ‘The First Year Uni Bible’ in 2008, Guns, Babes, Lemonade, Melbourne based Muscles has crafted an important and worthy place in what this same friend dubbed ‘First Year Uni Wave’.  This was a genre of Australian, lo-fi electronic pop that was sure to play at Shake Some Action onesixone, Sorry Grandma, Click Click (RIP luff you 4evaaaa) and the ‘ashamed to admit that I’m here but I’m having the best time ever’ Roxanne Parlour.

Bands included Van She, Midnight Juggernaughts, Cut Copy and The Bang Gang DJs and it was a glorious time of mellow electronica that was a good mix of jumping around with mates and dancing without having to shelve pingers at Godskitchen.

And so, it is a perfect alignment of the stars that “Unicorns” is a throwback to hits like “Forever” and “Ice Cream” with its computer clipped drum snaps and thematic chorus’. These are elements that always seem to direct the listener by way of a chant, followed by a rad synth ricochet to keep it bouncing.  These are the things that we love about Muscles and these are things he delivers to us time and time again.

Is it banger?


The king is back!


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
Latest release:Unicorns” (2015, Muscles Music).
Sounds like: The Presets, Van She, Girl Talk.
Say what? Muscles opened the first ever Golden Plains in 2007! How ‘bout that ey?

Paws and pineapples, Cat

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