Elizabeth Rose – Division

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This song “Division” could not have been released in a more timely matter with our current affairs.

Without getting overly political up in here, apparently 72% of of Australians support marriage equality. And also we live in Australia for shit’s sake, so probs about time to make that whole thing happen?

According to Elizabeth Rose“Australia is tipped as the ‘lucky’ country, but reflecting upon what we stand for, I’m not sure that we are all that we’re cracked up to be. Our peers fall victim to acts of discrimination and are denied the right to equality. For a country that boasts of multi-culturalism and acceptance, why aren’t we accepting of this?” 

Moving onto the song itself. It’s certainly got that Elizabeth Rose-y quality to it – the heavy minor key sound and the harmonising that pushes the boundaries of in-tune/out-of-tune but somehow making it right. Her voice is usually another instrumental element in her music, blending in with and complementing the interesting production surrounding it. This track, however, gives some breathing room and a chance to actually hear that her vocals are actually quite impressive, particularly at the start with just the simple piano accompaniment.

It’s always good to hear music that’s not just being produced for entertainment value but that’s also got an important message within it.

If you’re in agreeance with Rose (and honestly, if you’re not, you can exit this site now), you can purchase this track “Division” through her website for however much you want, and all proceeds go towards AME for the next two weeks.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Latest EP: Elizabeth Rose EP, out 2014.
Sounds Like: AlunaGeorge, ASTR, Goldroom
Say What? In an interview with The Guardian, her earliest music memory is, “Sneaking into my brother’s room when he was out and dancing around to Feeling Hot Hot Hot by the Merrymen on full blast, maybe age six.”

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