Allday – I Should Be Working On My Album But I’m Doing A Tour @ 170 Russell

AlldayAllday‘s debut album Startup Cult reflects the phenomena around him – he really has created a cult-like following. Dedicated teenage fans amassed through clever social media approaches and charming rapping with mass appeal potential. At one point in this show at 170 Russell, he had everyone chanting “steezed out all day all night, steezed out everything’s alright”. Definitely have to hand it to him, his self PR and branding is on point. But additionally, his hip-hop is also much unlike the hip hop that you’d generally associate with big Australian players like Hilltop Hoods, Bliss N Eso. This is the differentiation factor. It’s original and people like it.


The crowd was definitely made up mostly of the aforementioned “dedicated teenage fan”. In a similar vein to The Passed Out 19-Year Olds we came across at Alison Wonderland’s Wonderland Warehouse Project 2.0, these guys were on another level. The Munted 18-Year Olds if you will.

He entered the stage with an Adidas cap on – the unofficial sponsor brand of seemingly every young indie artist these days – to opening tunes of “Niggas in Paris” and “All of the Lights”. These weren’t the only nods to US rap on the night. He also covered “3005” by Childish Gambino with a very PC change up to the lyrics “Fuck this other guys / I’ll be right by your side”. Flume‘s remix of “Hyperparadise” also made an appearance. He attempted to rap over it, but I’m sorry to say, it just didn’t work. You can’t touch magic like that.

I had a Munted 18-Year Old guy stumble up to me and ask whether it was “Have a happy birthday” or “Never have to worry”. Apparently this is a legitimate question. We can thank Flume himself for the answer:


Overall, Allday is a fun live show. His tracks are relatable, easy to listen to and particularly melodic for rap. How can you not sing along to the likes of “You Always Know the DJ” and “Right Now”.

He finished up with an encore of “Claude Monet”. Fully expecting there to be a second encore of my favourite 2012 songs “So Good” but never came left me feeling a bit disappointed. However, he almost redeemed himself with his final comment: “Melbourne is the hardest crowd to play because Melbourne is so cool.” Oh, you.

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