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It’s been almost three years since Alpine released their debut album, A Is For Alpine. The Melbourne indie pop/alternative band achieved their fair share of success with songs “Hands” and “Seeing Red” receiving plenty of airplay, and popular hit “Gasoline” finding its way into Triple J’s Hottest 100 for 2012. With the band idle for some time, there was a lot of hype surrounding their “April Foolish Day” release of new single, “Foolish”, and the announcement of their second album, Yuck, which dropped on Friday.

From the opening song, “Come On”, it’s hard not to compare the album, or at least parts of it, to Kimbra’s 2014 release, The Golden Echo. The unique mixture of chaos, quirkiness, jazz, pop, and strong female vocals is evident throughout but really stands out in those opening minutes and again in the track “Damn Baby”.

It’s far from a carbon copy, however, with the already popular “Foolish” a hit in its own right. Though that’s not the song that sold me. By calling on some of the theme of “Foolish”, “Much More” makes the album feel instantly more complete which, to me, makes it one of the best and most important songs in the album. In between all of this, there are Alpine-esque songs in “Crunches”, “Up For Air”, and “Standing Not Sleeping”, making for a solid all-around record.

If, like me, you always buy deluxe versions, you might be a little disappointed. Bonus tracks “So Long” and “Saturn” make no sense in the context of the rest of Yuck and honestly feel like they’ve just been chucked in for the sake of it. Fortunately, there’s one last saving grace in “Bold Digger”, fitting the album thematically, giving the listener one last groove before fading out for a sense of completion.


Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria
Latest Album: Yuck, released 12 June 2015
Sounds like: Kimbra, Phoenix
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