Loon Lake @ Ding Dong Lounge

Loon Lake

Loon Lake is the kind of band that makes me openly enjoy being Australian. Their set on a Queens Holiday Sunday at Ding Dong Lounge is soaked with the cheeky ‘no worries’ Aussie spirit which is inclusive and fun (a far cry from the bigoted bogan bullshit which is sometimes is associated with our culture.)

Not as impressed by the clean edge of some of their more indie pop tracks such as everyone’s favourite “Cherry Lips”, I revelled in the raw and messy energy of this set. “On Fire” already a good start when it opens with heavy bass and slamming drums.

Sam, looks the part of average old mate with a Simpson’s shirt, low slung jeans and some sort of bandana while one guitarist looks, to quote “Just Now”, like he’s had enough. Swigging his beer throughout the set and pulling old rock’n’roll moves, he suits the no-fucks-given attitude of the next song “Surfin’” a little too well.

Into the Office” shows off their surf rock talents as well as creating great variation throughout a more indie garage pop set. These boys are just having the best time and seem to really feed off a heaving crowd. Half way through the set they stop as Sam mock seriously asks if anyone has any complaints and despite my hatred for the drunkards in the crowd who keep getting on each others shoulders and almost head butting the stage lights, no one has any.

This show is Ricky the drummer’s last show and he celebrates in true spirit with Sam putting him on the spot to do a knowingly dreadful drum solo. Here he is…what a bloke.

loon lake

All is forgotten however after a singalong to a hilarious cover of “I Knew You Were Trouble” (Tay Swiz, obvi) shows off the mainstream music lovers in the crowd. The set ends with a bang with “Cherry Lips” (which I endured) and then “In The Summer” with a youthful exuberance of the drunken parties of my teenage years.

A slower solo encore seems to be the flavour of the season (eh San Cisco?) but a  fuzzy rendition of “Fantastica”, works as if playing acting as a metaphor for the sad slow moment in an otherwise excellent party. This song as well as “Bad To Me”, earlier in the set also shows more emotion driven lyrics.

“Bad To Me” a particular favourite of mine as it shows the less represented situation of men being hurt by the objects of there affection. These additions show a rounded version of the Aussie male who gets the feels and doesn’t get emasculated by letting it show.

Loon Lake play an unabashedly fun music which doesn’t solve any of life’s great mysteries or doesn’t push any musical boundaries. They sing about what they know and what they like to do and perhaps thats why they appeal to such a wide audience, because really who doesn’t want to have fun and enjoy life? “Fucking oath”, as Sam says, there are definitely worse ways to spend a Sunday night.


Hometown: Melbourne, AUS
Latest Album: Gloamer, released October 2013
Sounds like: The Strokes, The Jungle Giants, Yves Klein Blue (RIP), throwing back tinnies
Say what? Three of the members, Nick, Simon and Sam are brothers from country Victoria and Nick met Tim in year seven when they spent a lot of time on the bench together as 12th and 13th man of their school cricket team. It doesn’t get much more Australian than this ladies and gents.

Stay classy, Rosa.

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