ALTA – Awake For Days

ALTA, Julius Dowson and Hannah Lesser, make “experimental” music.

This term is too loosely thrown around and often used to cover up…let’s face it, pretty weird shit music. But this Melbourne duo create music you’d willingly listen to for its aesthetic value. And when you get down to it, music that’s actually aurally appealing is kind of important.

This Awake For Days EP is definitely their best work to date. Introducing the EP is “Esses” which makes me picture a dark Grimm’s Brothers fairy tale, think Little Red Riding Hood tip-toeing through a creepy forest. The textures and the visual imagery evoked by ALTA really provide that complete sensory experience. Is it possible to write a literature essay on an EP?
Showcasing that they truly are part of this so-called “experimental” genre, each song does have its own distinct feel. There’s a bit of something for everyone on this 5-track EP. “Alive Again” is a slow burner of a track with quiet looped vocals from Dowson crooning “She wants to feel again”, and Lesser’s gorgeous singing layered over the top. And wait until you hear her break it down halfway through. It’s love.
Their first release “Moves” is a shoutout to old school R&B and features a sample of an elephant’s trumpet spaced throughout it. I hope this is throwback to Missy Elliott’s genius in “Work It“. While “Moves” and “Stashing the Lot” makes me want to jump up and groove on a tabletop, “Awake For Days” is something you’d listen to the day after – hungover, buried under covers in a dark room.

And you can do that very thing after you hear it all live at their EP launch at Melbourne’s Boney on the 4th of July.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
Sounds Like: TOKiMONSTA, Bonobo, Willow Beats
Say What? Hannah Lesser is really into nail art and used it as an excuse for the EP artwork.


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