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alex g
I don’t believe first impressions last. Philadelphia-based artist Alex Giannascoli goes by Alex G and my first impression personally dredges up memories of Australian Idol/Top 40 Countdown host Andrew G, who inexplicably has decided in recent years to go by full name Andrew Gunsberg.

Alex G does not at all play in the same field of music as the typical Australian Idol contestant or Top 40 contender.

alex g

This album Trick was first put up on Bandcamp and is now being re-released officially after being mastered. Trick is in no rush to get anywhere. It takes its time, exploring a smorgasbord of fuzzed-out sounds. It’s one of those albums that you can chuck on from start to finish and listen to all the songs mesh together to form an overarching story. It’s melancholic, contemplative, but also takes time to be humorous. One stand-out track to me is ‘Whale’ with the lyrics: “My favourite animal is the whale / I like his bag fat tail”. Yes, 1.22 minutes of that. And I gotta say, it’s probably one of the catchiest songs on the album – I found myself humming this particular track later after listening to the entire album.

It feels like a long album, and there is a slight dip towards the back half of the album which then picks up again. The 100% instrumental ‘Clouds’ sound like complete melodic exploration. I’m not sold on it and it’s very much end-of-the-album material. However, the second-to-last two tracks ‘Sarah’ and ‘Adam’ are worth listening all the way to the end for. His entire sound manages to have attitude while being soft-spoken, and all the while being beautifully composed.

Alex G is one of those underground artists that the internet just freaking loves, and Trick is a prime example of the hidden talents that the online world is housing, and of all the gems waiting to be uncovered.


Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Sounds Like: Mac DeMarco, Kimya Dawson.
Say What? In an interview with Impose Magazine, Alex G describes himself via text in order to meet up with the interviewer: “I have kind of a funny walk”.

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