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We were walking up and down Sutherland Street for a while, consulting our beloved Google Maps until we gave up and asked some randoms if we were close to XOXO. Later realising that we had asked the headlining DJ of that night, Oisima, for directions was rather amusing in itself. Adelaide producer, Anth Wendt (AKA Oisima) is touring nationally for the launch of his debut album, Nicaragua Nights.

After finding no toilet paper in the ladies bathrooms, we drunkenly and not so sneakily tried to check the mens room. Of course we got caught by a group of hot dudes and tried to play it off cooly.

Perth singer and producer Mei Saraswati was playing when we got to the band room, her tribal sounds and sweet R&B vocals reminded me quite a bit of Ngaiire. Her tune “Ricochet” was stuck deep in my mind for the rest of the night.

XOXO is such an intimate venue with just a tad too much smoke machine going on, but it really brought the right vibes for Oisima’s dramatic opening. His exotic electronic music music sounds like the perfect soundtrack for life. To be honest, I prefer music with more lyric content as I’m partial to a good sing along. I especially loved when Mei came back on stage and performed a collaboration called “Sun of Truth.”

It was a quiet night and I felt like a lot of people there were ‘too cool’ to dance or get into the music. Maybe they were just too preoccupied with bouncing the huge balloons up in the air all night?

Hometown: Adelaide, Australia,
Latest albumNicaragua Nights, released 15th of May, 2015.
Sounds like: Bonobo, Lapalux.
Say What? Oisima ‘hired a shack down in South Australia for just less than three weeks and did most of the recording down there by himself in the middle of the bush’ for his EP Goddess.

So that’s it, Nadia.

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