Kubalove – Trouble


‘Trouble’ opens with a pounding string of kick drums, and it’s a tantalising sample of what’s to come. London-based electropop artist Kubalove has embraced being that ‘missing link’ between Goldfrapp and M83. It’s easy to see where the similarities lie.

Combining sultry lyrics and bluesy rhythms, it’s undeniably more towards the Goldfrapp end of things… and there’s nothing remotely French or shoegazey about it. Replete with synthesised beeps and whirrs and overdriven organ stabs, it doesn’t let up, chugging from start to finish. There’s a swaggering, muscular punch to it all – and nothing to misinterpret about what Kubalove wants to be. Moreover, it’s a marked shift from the airy and glossy sounds of her earlier 2014 releases (‘All I Want‘ and ‘Dangerous‘).

The whole track evokes the better part of an alcohol-induced daze – everything is spinning, you’re in black leather, and the don’t-fuck-with-me attitude is in full force. It’s a red-hot statement of intent, but at a brisk two and a half minutes, it lets go before too much damage has been done.


Hometown: London, England
Sounds like: Ladytron, Phantogram, Ladyhawke.
Say what? Wrote “Dangerous” after returning from a drinking session, before playing back the results to her hungover self and finding the product to be not as bad as she expected it to be.

Over and out, Darren.

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