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After a lacklustre hour long train ride into the city, consisting mainly of talking to an old dude about longevity, all I really wanted to do was listen to some really loud music, drink piss and dance my heels off. Rocking up to cozy Shebeen after Casper Zazz and Howl had played their sets, we thought a good way to start off was to start drinking some good old Shebeen Pepsi and Scotches© in the warm lowly lit back room.

drink piss

With drinking piss scratched of the list we next needed to listen to some really loud music and dance our heels off in the band room downstairs. This is where UV Boi comes into the story, sporting a Donut King hat, white turtleneck with matching pants and white shoes that had pink lights. Seems he had fried us some delicious ring shaped beats for us to dance to on his LUV tour.

IMG_9426Snazzy as heck

The intimate size of the Shebeen bandroom was perfect for UV Boi, who was dropping shout-outs and dancing with the crowd. After dropping some hip-hop infused bangers mixed with in with text message samples, it’s fair to say that the rest of the list had been checked off. I would, however, like to see UV Boi play with something more than volume mixers and faders. When he played samples it was great, but it wasn’t a DJ set we came to see. A few broken beer bottles and capsized pot plants later, he had finished his set only to be encouraged for an encore of the track LUV (feat. Fionn Richards & Brasstracks).

listen to really loud music
dance our heels off


If you want see the Ultra-Violet Boy play bangers you can catch him heading north on his LUV tour, he has already played in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne;
Mr Wolf  – Canberra on the 17th July,
GOODGOD Small Club  – Sydney on July 18th
Splendour In The Grass – Byron on July 26th (SOLD OUT)
Jimmy’s Den – Perth on August 7th


Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
Latest album: Strapped in the Durags Mixtapes
Sounds like: BLVC SVND, Night Lovell, Thaiboy Digital
Say what? The reason he is called UV Boi is because he and his photographer friend were talking about sun protection gear, as in UV gear. UV Boy was bandied around as an idea and stuck as his moniker!

l8r h8rsHarry


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