Who You Should See @ Splendour in the Grass 2015


The monstrous Splendour in the Grass 2015 is just over a week away. At any one time you could find yourself at The Smith Street Band, Safia, Palma Violets, I’lls, Midium, a Yoga Workshop with Zoe Braithwaite, Greaser DJs, Q&A with Tony Jones, Okenyo, All The Bomb or Nicole Brophy. That’s ONE time on ONE day of the WHOLE festival. There isn’t enough FOMO in the world (though obviously, Q&A wins out in this round).

If you, like us, are floored by the endless possibilities of the insanity that is the Playing Times, then a little forward planning wouldn’t go astray. While we’ll probably end up throwing this tight setlist away once the drinks kick in and the sun starts setting, we’ve selected our top acts to see in order of schedule to make life a little easier. And if you miss anything, we’ll have a rundown ready for you when you get back to your warm showers, dry clothes and meals that aren’t bought out the back of a truck.

Catfish and The Bottlemen is a band that doesn’t do things by halves. Signed to their record label by their manager on the basis that they could “blow a room apart” these Welsh boys know how to kick off. Their passion for music is palpable on stage and translates to an energy of pulsating rock, with their recent Glastonbury performance, despite being hampered by pelting rain and a bout of food poisoning, demonstrating just how raw and rowdy they are willing to get – even if they have been painting a toilet bowl every shade of the rainbow a few hours before. With Oasis inspired, classic rock and simple, punchy lyrics delivered by the screaming vocals of front man Van Mccann, they are the perfect band to see at Splendour when you are fucked and want a messy set to match. Catch Catfish live and expect to drunkenly belt your heart out and befriend everyone around you with some classic old school British song writing.



This man is literally half of the reason I bought a ticket to Splendour. Mark Ronson is a legendary DJ, producer and musician. In the popular music world, he is literally one of the main dudes who is running this shit (see also Jay-Z). While producing hits by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Adele and Lily Allen, also has managed to put out as much original music as the next rockstar. Unlike half of crowd I will not be attending his set with vigour just to see “Uptown Funk” but rather to see earlier gems from Record Collection as well as tracks from one of the best cover albums of the modern day, Versions. If there is ever a DJ who would mix a banging dance set, Ronson is your man. Buckle up mates, this will be one for the grandkids.


While she’s kind of a Swedish version of Charli XCX (and we all remember that trainwreck at Groovin’ the Moo this year), I have faith that Elliphant has the ability to bring an electric live show with tracks like “Revolusion”and “Only Getting Younger”. It’ll be a fun start to the second day, a perfect way to energise yourself for the next 10 hours of back-to-back music. Also  is playing SITG too and pray to God they jump on stage together to perform my personal summer anthem “One More“. I can’t miss that.


If you’re a fan of dark electronic hip-hop, you should see the Californian act, Shlohmo. Using his dads old synthesisers from the 80’s Shlohmo creates quite cinematic tracks that inspire tragic emotional imagery. After dropping some killer pieces on his newest album Dark Red I would love to see some of his tunes played live like the feature track “Beams”. 


A name steeped in literature, a badass female songwriter, sexy electronically enhanced grunge music; a winner. This buzz band from London’s north are a must see for anyone seeking an accessible combination of grunge fuelled alt-rock and stripped back garage pop. Do yourself a favour and attend a set that promises to deliver both emotionally relatable lyric content and mosh-able guitar riffs.


With his latest release titled Gon’ Boogaloo, be prepared…this is all y’all gonna be doin’. This is going to be a one of a kind, no frills, straight up electric blues and rock ‘n roll storm. You will be sweating it up like you’re in a 1930s dancehall in Memphis and you and your mates will be loving it! Stoneking is going to be the secret feel-good remedy on Sunday afternoon when you’re halfway between feeling like a shell of a human and knowing you will be entering galactic phases at Tame Impala in a few hours.
Get into that tent and get on the floor!

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