M Maggie – Did It For U

m maggie

It’s rare and awesome to come across an email from the artist themselves spruiking their music, and having the music actually being good. M. Maggie is one of those Hype Machine regulars, but strangely unheard of outside the world of music blogs. And yes, ironically here I am, writing about her on a music blog.

She’s hit the Top 3 on Hype Machine three times, including two #1 spots. She describes herself as firstly a poet, and then a songwriter. Sounding like the roadtrip of a lifetime, she’s seemingly lived in all the big music cities in the US – NY, LA, New Orleans, Houston and Detroit.

‘Did It For U’ produced by Lucian is just the first track under M. Maggie and I’m personally hoping for more. She’s a serial collaborator, with producers ranging from the Germany, UK and our own beloved homeland. But this solo work is the best thus far. It’s a snappy, catchy pop track with a sense of good beats. It’s ticking all the boxes for a potential underground star.


Hometown: NY, US.
Sounds like: A better Ellie Goulding. 
Say what? In an interview with Babes N Gents she reveals her favourite movie is Matilda, “She had a strong, fearless desire to make things right.”

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  

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