Alpine @ Metro Theatre


Just last month, Alpine released their sophomore album, Yuck. When I wrote about it previously, I drew some comparisons to Kimbra’s The Golden Echo and, after seeing Alpine at the Metro last night, I’d like to draw further comparisons. This album was made to perform!

The Melbourne six-piece, fronted by Lou and Phoebe in crazy outfits, started off with instant energy playing ‘Crunches’ and dancing like nobody was watching. That wildness and energy was a theme throughout and it was quickly obvious that they could have used a bigger stage, using every inch of what they had. Between Phoebe’s sexual movements and Lou’s quirkiness, there was always something to keep your eyes on.

After playing ‘Hands’, and garnering a huge applause that would be evident after each of their A Is For Alpine tracks, they started with the stage talk. Although some of it was clearly oversold and fabricated (like, seriously, who would love Sydney more than their hometown of Melbourne?!), the crowd well and truly bought into it.

Phoebe and Lou definitely know what they’re doing up on stage, balancing the generic “I love you” comments with the crowd-lifting “You’re too quiet!” and even a self-deprecating “Oh, we fucked up… so we do it again” after butchering the opening to ‘Shot Fox’. The best banter highlight came from Phoebe trying to convince Lou to feel her hair while drenched in sweat. “It’s so wet!” “That’s disgusting…”

A good balance of old and new songs kept everyone interested, with ‘Seeing Red’ getting a lot of love and ‘Jellyfish’, along with Lou’s insane dancing, getting just as much.

It was their biggest hits that got everyone moving though. ‘Foolish’ had the entire building shaking as the dancefloor almost became a mosh pit. That was topped only by the hugely popular ‘Gasoline’, accompanied by screams of joy, singing along, and an applause so long and loud that the attempted stage talk was completely overpowered.

When the band left the stage, they were offered the weakest chant for an encore that I’ve ever experienced (most definitely due to the crowd sucking – because Alpine rocked – but I’ll save that matter for another time). Fortunately, they came back to rock the stage once more.

‘Villages’ had the whole venue clapping along and a big energy chorus, but it was the mostly instrumental ‘Lovers 2’ that won the day. Phoebe poured water all over her head, Lou went insane, the stage and crowd were fucking mental, and the girls finished by going absolutely nuts with drummer Phil Tucker. It was one of the wildest things I’ve ever experienced.


Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria
Latest album: Yuck, released June 2015.
Sounds like: Kimbra, Phoenix, Gossling.
Say what? Triple J’s Matt and Alex pointed out a similarity between Alpine’s ‘Foolish’ and Nelly’s ‘Ride Wit Me’ (3.2 minute mark). Got some explaining to do, Alpine?

Huggett out.

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