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Ain’t it always the way that when you get too excited about something, it lets you down? This was, unfortunately, the experience on a Friday night at Howler for the much anticipated Crooked Colours Club Night. The premise was good; a great band getting a lineup of djs together to put together an awesome night out, however for me it just didn’t work.

Howler is a fantastic venue but can sometimes have a dodgy crowd, as me and my mate drive into the venue our car is blocked by a group of revelers falling about drunkenly and laughing all over the road. I check my watch, 10pm? Geez pace yourself kids! The scene inside was much the same, my mate noted darkly that he feels so much older than the crowd that it’s creepy…

Our quarter life crises are forgotten however when Crooked Colours starts. These boys look like rock fans turned electronic, especially with the Cobain-esque hair of the synth player, Leon De Baughn. As always its nice to see such an electronically based band with a live drummer and as usual, Liam Merrett-Park is killing it, particularly during, “In Your Bones.”

The energy of this set seemed a little lower than at 170 Russell but that may have been due to a sub-par sound mix especially with a comparatively massive loss of bass. Despite this the boys do perform a solid set with special mention to tracks like “Capricious” and my fav, “Another Way” . Their great cover of “Electric Feel,” with a great use of strobes, really got the crowd going. They read the crowd well, as they launched into another cover of “Vanished” by Crystal Castles after Philip Slabber declares they are big fans of this Canadian outfit. Its a bit of a shame that these well known tracks seem to be more widely enjoyed than their lesser known tunes. Crooked Colours are great at covers but they end the set on a high with the very popular original, “Come Down.”

Maybe it was only by comparison but the DJ who comes on nex; Torren Foot just seems to fall a bit flat. The crowd seems to like it but who cares what you dance to when you are drunk and get to hear snatches of songs you know? Call me a wanker but his set just seemed too much like a mediocre dance tent act at a summer festival. I like getting down and hearing snatches of Frank Ocean mixed over dance beats as much as the next fuck boy but I appreciate the nuance of Crooked Colours which I think is lost when supported by DJs like this.

Curious enough to wait for the Crooked Colours DJs, I was pleasantly surprised by nods to other aussie electronic bands such as Rufus’ “Desert Night” as well as a snippet of “Music Sounds Better With You”. (So good, whatever happened to Stardust?) Anyway the overall feel of the set as a whole was a bit too mainstream electro-pop/house for my sensibilities. However, the band seemed to be loving the party that they had created as did the somewhat reduced crowd that had stayed until the end.

Definitely worth seeing these guys live as they have a lot of energy and their music is showing itself to be more interesting than a lot of the electronic acts that are knocking about. I just hope that they find their way onto a better suited line up soon.

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Latest Single: Capricious– October 2014
Sounds Like: Seekae, Glass Animals, Crystal Castles
Say What?: Slabber told The Music that “Come Down” originally began as an acoustic track and it wasn’t until a couple of weeks later that they added the electronic sections.

Stay Classy, Rosa



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