Sydney-based electronic duo POLARHEART have created a name for themselves with lush soundscapes and skittering, R&B flavoured rhythms. Their latest release, “Dystopia”, continues in this vein, opening with appropriately icy synthesiser pads and breathy vocals. Although they speak of conveying relatable messages through their music, it feels easy to ignore the lyrics entirely. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as lead vocalist’s Mary Bokey are an airy accompaniment to the polished arrangements. It’s the sort of soundtrack for a night drive through the city – bright lights are beaming against rows of glass monoliths, and you’re alone in this cold, man-made paradise. It’s exactly what you want for when you’re in a contemplative mood – so put the track on, sit back, and close your eyes (though make sure you aren’t driving first).

Mary Bokey and Chris Chidiac’s thoughts on the track:

Dystopia is a song about being trapped in a situation, which you know is wrong, but being unable to escape. It is about someone, or something, making you feel like you are stuck in a perpetual nightmare, stuck in your own personal dystopia.”

The song was borne of an attempt to break a prolonged stint of writer’s block, and suffice to say they’ve bounced back well. The song may speak of a dystopia, but these are the sounds you’re after when you’re trying to create a utopia from the chaos. You might be barely coping with the soul-crushing banality of modern living, but it hasn’t been for nought. “Dystopia” might seem detached and impassive at first, but it reminds us to stop and make sense of it all, to carve out something meaningful from the daily grind.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Latest single: “Dystopia”, released 10 July 2015.
Sounds like: Hopium, Broods, Purity Ring.
Say What? Polarheart draw upon classical influences in creating their unique sound.

Over and out, Darren.

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