Galactic – Into The Deep ft. Macy Gray


Galactic oozes cool.

Hailing from New Orleans, the funk jazz band’s new single ‘Into The Deep’ is testament to this. It’s smooth, soulful and rich. It’s a fusion of steady percussion, hair raising guitar riffs and deep bluesy vocals courtesy of Macy Gray that create a distinctively retro sound.

Despite not having a lead singer of the band for years, Galactic’s sound is no way hampered by this, with their choice of Macy Gray to feature on their single proving taste and an aptitude for creative synergy.

Lyrically, the single is not only catchy, but sharp, and preaches a reckless plunge into love. “Into the deep we go” Gray gospels, “baby until I drown…You’re the keys to all my judges, open up the door”, echoing the depth of feeling that only true soul music embodies.

Chanting lyrics into a free styling soulful fade out, ‘Into The Deep’ leaves your ears with more to be craved from both the single and the album of the same name to follow.


Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana.
Sounds like: Alabama Shakes.
Say what? Galactic’s first gig was at the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans which shuts down the entire city. Pretty impressive for a first gig.

Catch ya’ on the flipside, Gabriella.

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