Ali Barter “Hypercolour” & Gordi “Can We Work It Out” @ Hibernian House

Ali Barter and Gordi

“How do you get into Hibernian House?” we Googled… “Enter in through the front door that’s situated just next to the Indian restaurant next door.” Oh… that door (see picture below). Yes, Hibernian House is an odd looking, multi-story, abandoned warehouse. From the outside, and even parts of the inside, it looks more like a heroin den violating countless building codes than a home of the arts. Don’t get me wrong though, this is a good thing; you feel like you’re entering another world and the mood it creates works perfectly for a down-to-earth, intimate performance with young, up-and-coming artists.

hibernian house

Source: Google Maps – and I swear it’s even creepier at night…

After making our way up stairs and across walkways, following the signage blindly, we were welcomed by Gordi herself, offering Guinness Punch on entry. The punch, which we later learned was a Trinidadian specialty, consisted of Guinness, condensed milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, potentially eggs, and other ingredients. Apparently, Gordi’s housemate had asked her why she was home when she had a gig that night. Much to the housemate’s bemusement, Gordi said she had no time to explain, grabbed a mixing bowl, two eggs, and a whisk before running out the door.

Among all the oddities, there was also music to be enjoyed. We arrived just in time for Ali Barter’s set, which was a cosy and intimate performance without support from her band. To a room full of people sitting on couches, mattresses, or the floor itself, she played older releases as well as songs from her upcoming EP. “Be gentle” she said as she played her new single “Hypercolour” for the first time without her band. The vocally talented Melbournian impressed, with her popular single “Community” and her cover of the Foo Fighters’ “Tired Of You” highlights.

The equally talented Gordi was up next and opened her set with some technical difficulties. Like a champ, she pushed through and used the downtime to get the audience on their feet. Gordi’s music speaks for itself but her stage talk and presence were notable. She had plenty of stories, including scattered information about the Trinidadian punch, and the issues she’s had with people finding an Iranian village or a Yugoslav heavy metal band when searching her name. The new single, “Can We Work It Out” got the crowd boogying a little, and the popular “Taken Blame” was a great way to finish. It was Gordi’s popular hit “Nothing’s As It Seems”, however, that got the biggest cheers of the evening. The two young artists were nothing but impressive and are two to watch if you’re not watching already.


Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria (AB); Sydney, New South Wales (Gordi)
Latest Single: “Hypercolour” (AB); “Can We Work It Out” (Gordi)
Sounds like: Holy Holy (AB), Ásgeir (Gordi)
Say what? From the venue, to the Trinidadian Guinness Punch, I was saying “Say what?!” all night.

Huggett out.


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