Golden Vessel – Borrowed Time ft. Tiana Khasi

golden vessel

The latest release by 17-year old producer Max Byrne, a.k.a Golden Vessel, is a slow-burning, soulful piece, with subtle production and a trap-inspired flavour.

Heavily sidechained synthesisers guide Tiana Khasi‘s vocals along like a futuristic cloud, undulating forward with stop-start frequency.

Byrne undeniably draws upon the styles of his contemporaries (citing James Blake, Glass Animals, and Flume as influences). There’s a forward-thinking, stainless steel quality to it, and he keeps the proceedings chill – aside from the conclusion, the track never gets too carried away.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Byrne first came to the fore in 2013 after submitting his debut single ‘Stairwell’ to the triple j Unearthed High competition. Given his age, there should be a whole lot of potential still to be unearthed… and at worst, it’s already a cut above what most kids his age are doing with themselves (even by the low standards of my adolescence).

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia.
Sounds like: Flume, SBTRKT, POLARHEART.
Say what? Bryne was already fleshing out ideas with collaborator Tiana Khasi only a day after seeing her perform on stage.

Over and out, Darren.

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