Mendoza – Love Druggie (Addict)


Cool chicks rule in Scandinavia land.

Icona Pop, Elliphant, SoKo, Yukimi Nagano, First Aid Kit. I could go on. And hailing from Copenhagen, Mendoza is a new addition to this stunning alumni.

Ah, that Nicki Minaj-style bubblegum rap delivery. It can be a love/hate divider. Vocals are rapidly fired out high-pitched but smoothly linked together, creating that pleasing flow. However, bubblegum rap sounds too pink and clean for Mendoza. She sits firmly in the darker corners of electronic/rap music.

“Love Druggie” is the first track we’ve heard from Mendoza and it shows promising signs of a gal with attitude, a cool vocal talent, and production quality. The lyrics revolve around Mendoza’s disappointment in her friends only wanting to“take drugs and get totally fucked up in some club”. The contents ironically clashes with the banger elements of the song. Thinking about it, where is this music likely to be played? Clubs, warehouses, bars. It’s like the ABC News Remix by Pendulum (still up there one of the best remixes ever) – watching the news at dinner with the fam in suburbia vs. hitting up raves. I digress.

This is song I’d happily dance to and let’s face it, everyone would be too “fucked up” to care what the lyrics are actually talking about.


Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Sounds like: Like a darker version of our own Tkay Maidza.
Say what? Having grown up in the red-light district suburb Istedgade, Mendoza was selling UV light bracelets to club goers at 6 years old.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  

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