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Getting up on a Monday. Working for the man. Coming home and refuelling just to hit repeat on the next coming four days is something that Nigerian-born, Atlanta-raised, experimental hip-hop artist Daye Jack wants nothing of. And although the harmonic composition of this happy-go-lucky, soul train infused track makes living this life sound “Easy”, the lyrics tell us what we already know; it’s not.

“It’s not that simple, wind scope, tryna be free
Tryna bring change, make change, to conquer a feast
But the end of fucked up, falling on feet
So the anthem, asking how to be me”

Daye Jack’s relaxed fusion between rap and singing in this track only adds to the healthy and cleverly crafted juxtaposition that he brings. For starters, when you hear ‘Atlanta hip-hop‘ you think Ludacris, Lil Jon, Ciara, Outkast, Soulja Boy and T.I, you think of the commercialisation of African-American culture and the club bangers that we all know and love. But Daye Jack brings something different.

Now residing in New York, you can hear Daye Jack’s slow inception of subway jazz in “Easy” and the slivers of breakbeat hip-hop culture in the beats. While this is a song we probably won’t getting turnt to in the clubs, it’s a song that we’ll be glad to bump along to in the loft parties of our future cities.

While Daye Jack says pushing through a 9-5 isn’t easy, we think that listening to this track on your way to the packed-out city loop train might just help you get through the day.

Hometown: Nigeria, Africa / Atlanta, Georgia
Latest release: Soul Glitch EP (Warner Bros.)
Sounds like: Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi
Say what? Daye Jack studies programming at New York University. Here’s to the future of music.


Paws and pineapples, Cat

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