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Vallis Alps. David and Parissa. Canberra and Seattle. They played their first ever festival set at Splendour in the Grass, they played the official Splendour in the Grass Pre-Party, and they supported Of Monsters and Men. Coming off of that, they just finished up their debut headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne in August. Both shows sold out within a day.

This is the whirlwind that is Vallis Alps right now. They released their debut EP in January of this year and it just flewwww. On Soundcloud, on triple j Unearthed, on triple j itself, and on the ARIA charts. They only have 4 released songs!

But it’s understandable. You just can’t help but be taken in by “Young”. Every time I hear it, I’m dazed by the magic of it and I have to listen to it again. And after seeing them live, I’m so glad that in addition to being amazing recorded, they’re as good in the flesh as well.

Parissa came across as unassuming and modest – effortless black dress, tied back hair, and simple dance moves. Compare this to her haunting, cut-through singing. It has a choral, classically trained nature to it. The kind of singing that doesn’t need embellishments and stage antics. On the other side of the stage, David moved between a million different pieces of equipment and instruments with so much energy, talent, and explosive drumming.

And it played so well together. The vocals perfectly complement the off kilter beats. It’s dreamy, but passionate; ethereal but charged. Their music, excuse how incredibly uncool this sounds, takes you on a journey. From start to finish, it’s a story, making great use of silence vs. sound. When they finished with “Young”, there was a hugely long, patient build up. They’re not in a rush to take you on this story, it’s a slow, easy ride and you know what’s coming is going to be good.

And I wasn’t the only one getting super into it. The crowd was just melting. Two guys in front of me were having moments all throughout their set, “such a smooth fucking synth man”. A girl behind me, “her voice…it just does something to me”.

They’re a definite must-see on the live scene right now and they know it. Just two months after their debut tour, they’ll be playing Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne again in October.

Until then, get to know them more personally through this mini-documentary “Meet Vallis Alps: From Start to Splendour”:

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