Kučka – Unconditional EP


Kučka writes music that mimics what the word “kučka” sounds like.

Contrarily, “kučka” means “bitch” in Bosnian. Which completely shatters it for me – why does it seem so delicate and cute?

Regardless, her sound grabs you as soon as you hear it. It’s hard to nail-down exactly what her music is, it feels so unique. Electro, pop, ambient, experimental? She’s working that high-pitched, soft vocal style similar to artists like Gossling, Julia Stone, and Lisa Mitchell. I must admit, I can find these ethereal (or, to be more crude – “baby”) voices bordering on annoying. But Kučka is able to sidestep my personal irritations. I think it’s the way she uses her voice as an instrumental tool, melding seamlessly into the production. It doesn’t sound meek or sappy, it sounds powerfully delicate.

Having been around for a number of years, she’s only come to the forefront relatively recently. Aside from her own tracks, you may have heard her appear on tracks with Cosmo’s Midnight “Walk With Me” and Paces “Nothing’s Forever”. After much success with singles like “Flux 98”, “Divinity” and “Unconditional”, she’s delivered the EP Unconditional. To sum up, it sounds like sparkling diamonds and light waterfalls.

It’s a collection of older and new songs. Her previous singles sit in the first half, which have arguably catapulted her into recognition. They’re rhythmic, delightfully enchanting and generally vocal-driven. Akin to Grimes and FKA twigs in a way.

In comparison, in the later half, “Recovery” and “Honey” get more instrumental – demonstrating her production talent and ability to use intermingled vocals amongst beats. These tracks hark back to her previous, more experimental EP Phantasy.


Her music and her personality seem beautifully unconventional. She’s part of the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy 2015 cohort, with alumni including Flying Lotus, Sui Zhen and Andras Fox“It seems like they create a unique environment where everyone is collaborating and sharing ideas, so I know it will be really inspiring for all involved…the application process is crazy! It’s about 25 pages and they ask you questions about everything from your taste in film to what you would DJ at an afterparty at 6am, so I think in the end they choose people who they think will gel on a social level too which is going to make things interesting.” 

That sounds like a reality show I’d wanna watch. The Secret Life of the Red Bull Music Academy House. Can someone make that happen, thanks?


Hometown: Perth, Australia.
Latest EP: Unconditional, out 14 August 2015.
Sounds like: Grimes, FKA twigs
Say what? “Flux 98” was inspired by a conversation about lucid dreaming with Kučka’s elderly neighbour.

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