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Photo Credit: Angus McKinnon

The WEDIDIT! Crew and supporting band Fortunes played us an extra special gig at The Corner as a sideshow for their Splendour In The Grass line-up. Before we get to Shlohmo, lets talk about some of the members who make up the WEDIDIT! collective. The group is composed of Henry Laufer’s (AKA Shlohmo’s) close personal friends who are know known by their stage names Nick Melons, D33J and Purple.

After the Hip-Hop duo Fortunes finished their set we see the first WEDIDIT! member Nick Melons hop on stage and play a set full of evolving synths, guitar riffs and dark bass lines for the first hour. After Nick did his thing on stage for an hour we see D33J (Djvan Santos) hop on stage.


D33J puts on a fantastic performance with his energy and Hip-Hop/Trap song choices from his own remixes, which include a remix of Citgo by Chief Keef. This is followed by another great performance from Purple. Performing tracks from his latest album Silence & Remorse, Purple brought a personal touch to the night with live vocal remixes making it just that much more vivid.

Shlohmo finally takes the stage, accompanied by Bill DeLelles, a hired gun percussionist flown in from New York, who executed some of the album’s contrapuntal machine-drum arrangements with live pads and D33J on guitar, keys and everything between. As he starts the show with “Ten Days Of Falling” you can see the crowd has already fallen silent in the live experience they’re being given. The next highlight is the live performance of “Buried, which puts both Shlohmo and D33J on guitar and absolutely shows the versatility of these two producers.


After working his way through most of the tracks off his latest album, Dark Red, Shlohmo had finished his set. I was a bit confused for a second as he hadn’t played one of my favourite tracks off the album, “Beams“. As he walked down the backstage stairs towards me I couldn’t help but high five the dude for such a terrific show. Then, as he lingered there next to me for a bit it occurred to me that he was saving it for an encore that the crowd had already started chanting for. And lo, he walzted back up on stage and played an amazing live version of “Beams”. The song was lifted by Bill’s astounding drums. As the song was ending the three walked off stage leaving a looped ‘jingly’ sound echoing throughout the empty stage.

One of the best live shows I have been to yet and I give the very first WEDIDIT! tour of Australia and New Zealand a 10/10. Keep it up Henry!

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