Erik Hassle – No Words

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Pop music isn’t hard to find – good pop music, on the other hand, a little trickier. And as someone with particularly fickle taste, I’m always glad when I find music that fits the latter category. I’m delighted when its pulled it off with such aplomb. The latest single by Stockholm-based singer-songwriter Erik Hassle is a disco and funk infused treat, and though it didn’t bury itself in my head immediately, it soon found its way there.

Hassle reflects on the sense of joy and despair of pining for someone you know you won’t ever be with, and there’s a palpable sense of longing and melancholy. Like any kind of doomed infatuation, its at first uplifting and euphoric, even if you know that the lows are only just around the corner.

And that’s what the most exquisitely crafted pop songs pull off – it’s not necessarily about one-sided misery or straight up joy and excitement, but something that reflects on that aching yet life affirming middle ground. It might hurt you now, but the feeling is intoxicating all the same. So how does ‘No Words’ manage that? It makes you want to dance, with bass riffs and funky strings that wouldn’t be out of place in a 1970s discotheque.  And if the idea of getting up and grooving to lost chances and unrequited love isn’t your thing…well, brothers and sisters, you sure are missing out.

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden.
Latest release: No Words,
released August 14, 2015.
Sounds like:
Prince, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake
Say what? 
Describes “No Words” as being about when he was once “really in love with a girl”, but not being able to communicate it with her – and still having hope despite knowing he didn’t have a chance.

Over and out, Darren

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