Micky Blue – Dark & Stormy


London-born but New York raised singer-songwriter Micky Blue trades in the sort of the melancholy pop music that’s in full vogue today – something which she’s aptly chosen to dub “haunted pop”. The resemblance to Lana Del Rey, however, is rather difficult to overlook. The chorus is heralded by falling strings, before being driven forward by reverb-heavy trip-hop style percussion and cinematic orchestration. As a result, you can’t help but think it lies somewhere between Video Games and Young and Beautiful.

Although she boasts vocals that are chirpier and livelier than say, Lana Del Rey’s woozy and depressive croon, musically speaking there’s not quite a lot there to truly set her apart from the moody pop starlet pack populated by faces like Del Rey and Ellie Goulding.

Her second single “Champagne Reign” follows the sort of stylish hip-hop inflected template set on Born to Die. Her vocals soar and she’s clearly more inclined towards bright melodies, all which help distinguish her sound… to an extent. From the two tracks she’s put out there’s not a whole lot there that’s truly unique. Still, it’s only two tracks, and they’re well crafted enough. Her EP is due September 25th, so hopefully we’ll receive a much more inspiring taste of things to come.

Hometown: London, England (but based in New York)
Latest single: Champagne Reign, released 20 August 2015.
Sounds like: Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Tove Lo
Say what? From what I can gather, she was born in London, before growing up in New York, and then basing herself in London once more for her music.

Over and out, Darren

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