REVIEW // DMA’s // Lay Down


Looks like DMA’s been (well-deservedly) taking their music internationally in recent months. But now I’m so glad that they’ve returned with some tunes for us. Strictly speaking, “Lay Down” does not seem to be particularly new. Having seen them live several times, this song is a common staple in their sets. Which was slightly disappointing when I went to listen to it thinking, “Ohmagawd new DMAs!” only to be confused by how familiar it sounded.

No matter! Any excuse to write about one of my current favourite acts will do.

“Lay Down” is gloriously DMA’s-like. It’s the retro 90s Brit pop sound that works so well in contemporary times.Their consistently good-quality, unpretentious music has tapped into the hearts of 90s kids everywhere. It’s not just some shitty shoegaze garage music, it’s got character, thought, and rocking melodies – all highlighted by Tommy O’Dell’s braggadocious but sweet vocals.

I hope and I think they’re here to stay for awhile longer.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Upcoming album: Due out in 2016.
Sounds like: Holy Holy, High-tailsThe Creases
Say what? DMA’s are often compared to Oasis, where they draw a lot of their influence from. In an interview with The Music earlier this year, Noel Gallagher does not share the love back, “No, I can’t say I’ve had the displeasure of listening to it yet…I’ll have to watch them from side of stage and boo them.” Kind, supportive words, as always.


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