VIDEO // Disclosure // Magnets ft. Lorde

Disclosure and Lorde have grown up.

While unfortunately not featuring Guy and Howard Lawrence from Disclosure at all, this video brings out a side of Lorde we’ve never seen before.


For starters, most of it is her making eyes at the camera while being roughly made out with by a far older man. Plus infidelity, embracing “the point of no return”, and revenge. Because she blew up when she was 16, she’s always going to be 16 in my mind. It’s like watching a family friend or a friend’s younger sibling grow up. But in actuality, Lorde is 18 going on 19 soon, and it’s already been just over a couple years since both Pure Heroine and Disclosure’s debut album Settle came out.

Caracal is less club-friendly and a more mature dance album, and the ‘Magnets’ video and song itself reflects a step into maturity.

Hometown: Surrey, England.
Latest album: Caracal, out September 2015.
Sounds like: AlunaGeorge, SBTRKT.
Say what? A caracal is a “rarely-seen desert lynx…nocturnal and hangs out in pairs”. No prizes for what this represents.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  

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