REVIEW // Wave Racer // World Record ft. Lido


First introduced to Wave Racer through “Stoopid and “Rock U Tonight”, I don’t know anyone who didn’t become immediately enchanted by his sparkle-tastic music. All his songs sound like a sonic embodiment of what Rainbow Road in Mario Kart (my biggest nemesis) looks like. Except unlike Rainbow Road’s attempts to screw you over and over, Wave Racer’s music is completely uplifting and just makes you wanna dance.

He hasn’t really put a foot wrong, from his remixes to his originals to his DJ sets. Get lost in his Soundcloud. This time he’s teamed up with fellow sparkly Norwegian producer Lido and they’ve basically created a glitter explosion. But because they both basically have the same sound, it’s not a meeting of two worlds, and so their collaboration hasn’t produced something particularly new or different. I guess, to a certain extent, if it ain’t broke?  

It’s interesting how they both use signature samples throughout many of their tracks. Wave Racer’s frequently used “what” vocal sample and the four note chime that Lido introduces five seconds in, which is also heard in “I Love You”, is immediately recognisable. Kind of a really effective branding tool, but yet drawing back uncomfortable memories of Jason Derulo.

Fresh from touring the US, Wavey will return to Australia to glitter bomb crowds in November. Details here.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia; Oslo, Norway.
Upcoming EP: Flash Drive EP, out 16 October 2015.
Sounds like: Basenji, Cashmere Cat, Cosmo’s Midnight.
Say what? Not to boast or anything…but we picked him back in 2013.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  


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