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Looking at this press release earlier in the week definitely confused me. Am I looking at Kele Okereke and some random mates? Or am I looking at Bloc Party? Turns out, half the band has departed and been replaced in the last couple years, so it is indeed the newly renovated Bloc Party. This has got me philosophical on a Sunday morning, how many band members have to leave before it’s another band entirely? Riddle me that.

In saying that, this song has that driving drumming typical of Bloc Party, Kele’s familiar soulful voice, and the complementary integration of the electronic and standard rock band. And like many of Bloc Party’s songs, it’s immediately catchy. It certainly makes use of it’s 4.37 minutes though – talk about a slow build-up. And towards the end, you kind of just want the excessive synth bleeping to stop and for Kele to takeover again.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Bloc Party has really stood the test of time. They’ve evolved with each album, keeping themselves new, relevant, but familiar. Listening to their old tracks, they’re instant classics and I’m just not sold on if “The Love Within” is really in the same ballpark. However, it’s still a tasty teaser of what they’ll have for us on their next album.

Plenty of opportunities to see them live coming up in Australia. They’re out for the Falls Festivals, Southbound, plus sideshows in Melbourne and Sydney.

Hometown: London, UK.
Upcoming album: Due early 2016.
Sounds like: Hot Chip, Northeast Party House, Two Door Cinema Club.
Say what? Actually, Northeast Party House don’t seem to like being compared to Bloc Party.

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