6 MUSINGS // Flight Facilities X MSO // Sidney Myer Music Bowl


The entirety of Melbourne rocked up
Melbourne Festival really brought their A-game this year by putting this event on – a collaboration between Flight Facilities and Australia’s oldest orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. I had a friend who ditched last-minute so I decided to post on the Facebook event at 8pm, an hour and a half after gates had opened. A spare ticket to this type of event deserves to go to someone, not even for financial reasons (in saying that, I could have made a pretty penny – I missed a message that offered me $100), my inbox was spammed within seconds of posting – sadly never been so popular.

The #squad
There was Flight Facilities and there was the MSO. But Flight Facilities never travels without their #squad. Owl Eyes, what a star. You could just feel everyone in the crowd falling in love with her. Kurt Kristen’s rocked his dance moves. The fabulously dressed George Maple and the beautiful-voiced Katie Noonan. AND a surprise appearance from Reggie Watts on “Sunshine”! On the orchestra side, the MSO conductor looked like SUCH a CONDUCTOR. Tall and thin with shaggy long hair and a beard – he was glorious. Even his name, Davide Rossi, personifies a conductor. He has collaborated with Goldfrapp, Coldplay and Röyksopp in the past – a resume worth flaunting.

What about the actual music?
I didn’t really know what to expect from this collaboration. Was it just going to be slowed down, instrumental Flight Facilities, was it going to be completely different, would we recognise the music? It was, in fact, a good mixture. They punctured the Flight Facilities originals with creative little instrumental tracks that seemed to be purely collaborative. Some songs sounded very similar to the originals, which really made me appreciate electronic music and the way you can create such a diverse range of sounds without having to resort to a huge band. But the tracks that really caught my attention were the ones that had been altered and reproduced for this concert’s purpose. Their version “I Didn’t Believe”, originally featuring Elizabeth Rose, was slowed right down and took a classical spin before being played out as normal.

Highlights include the “Heart Attack” and “Down to Earth” mashup. I also loved “Apollo”, vocalised wonderfully by Katie Noonan. And of course, “Crave You” elicited a mass singalong. The orchestra created a cute mischievous melody for it and a saxophonist was introduced.

They ended it all with “Shine A Light” which they’ve remixed in the past. Everyone including the two Flight Facilities boys themselves lent their vocals. They really do create that family affair feeling, as mentioned in our Splendour in the Grass 2015 wrap.


“The build up is real.”
“I can’t believe this only cost $35.” Putting that in perspective, the after party was only $6 less.
“We’ve had the biggest smiles on our faces the whole set.”
“Thank for you choosing to fly with Flight Facilities and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.”

How messy can an after party get?
Pretty messy. The line spilled out from the small laneway of Coverlid Place onto Chinatown. You don’t often see Reggie Watts strutting through Roxanne Parlour. The boys had their tops off pretty soon, and many more guys followed suit in the crowd. A bit too much sweaty skin-on-skin contact with strangers on the dancefloor for my liking. Noticeably absent from the Sidney Myer set was “Stand Still”, but thankfully made an appearance at the after party.


Soundtrack my life, please
If I could marry a song, it would be “Clair De Lune”. What a beauty. If I could soundtrack my life, Flight Facilities would take the honour. In 30 years time, I’ll be unashamedly spinning Flight Facilities on Gold 104 and forcing my kids to love them.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  


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