GIGS // Alpine – Shot Fox Tour // Corner Hotel


Music lovers fill bandrooms around Australia and the world night-after-night to hear and see the songs they love performed live in front of them. According to Alpine, “when you come to to a gig, you wanna do things that are special”.

And isn’t it fun when the music is performed with that made-from-scratch rawness that live music almost should be? When live, Alpine delivers their normally polished, pretty music with an edge. Phoebe and Lou’s perfectly harmonic voices take on an over-the-top musical chorus sound. Songs like “Gasoline”, the tour’s namesake “Shot Fox”, “Villages”, they all sound familiar but not at the same time. Like an embellished version.

The two lead singers look like real life dolls with their amazing hair and quirky dresses. Together, they steal the show on behalf of the band, giving it their absolute all. Dancing and singing on stage like one would sing in their bathroom mirror, hairbrush in hand. Completely theatrical and fabulous. It must be like doing karaoke every night on stage with your best friend.

Alpine’s new album Yuck is moodier, unlike the more pastel and subdued A is for Alpine. Maybe it’s the instruments they’re using, maybe it’s the lyrical content, or maybe it’s the different style of vocals they’re pushing. Either way, they’re always in their prime when Phoebe and Lou harmonise and overlap their signature breathy vocals. And it’s such a joy to watch that being performed live.

Anyone who has seen Alpine live knows they love the ol’ stage banter, with each other and with the crowd. As a disclaimer before “Gasoline”, they mention that they keep forgetting the lyrics to this song. It is really humbling to watch a down-to-earth band play and actually enjoy themselves the whole time.

“Thanks for having us and the other way around…haha let’s just keep singing.” Please don’t stop.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  

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