REVIEW // The Lulu Raes // Burnout


The Lulu Raes. “Pop n roll”. Need I say anymore, should I just stop this review right there?

That’s just their description on Facebook. Coming out of nowhere, over the past year they’ve sporadically released a handful of songs. They’ve got that classic Australiana Brit-pop thing going on. It’s somber but warm and tropical. Fit for every kind of mood.

While their first few releases are easy-listening but frankly don’t stand-out against the pack, their latest offering “Burnout” shows promising signs. The inclusion of what I assume is a violin riff (do violins riff? ¯_(ツ)_/¯) is an attention grabbing, dramatic touch. In addition to that pregnant pause approximately 2.30 minutes in, it’s really showing a certain refined maturity to what you could easily dismiss as another straight-up pop rock band. With each listen, a new element pops out that shows an understanding of good songwriting. Plus, it really is a fun, catchy song.

They’re popping and rolling through Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne over the next week.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Sounds like: San Cisco crossed with DMA’s.
Say what? The band is named after a friend of theirs. Lulu, you lucky gal.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  


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