REVIEW // Anna of the North – The Dreamer

Anna of the North

Sink your ears into 4 minutes of weightless music. True to its name, Anna of the North‘s “The Dreamer” is dayum dreamy.

And a global effort. Anna Lotterud from Oslo met New Zealander Brady Daniell-Smith in Melbourne, who helped produce this track. All three of these places have beautiful winters; was this the inspiration, perhaps? Because the echoing drums, the floating synth, the vocals – this song makes me feel fresh wintry air on my face while I’m floating above Scandinavian ice-capped mountains.

One to keep your sleeve for that break-up playlist, “It’s not about you anymore / It’s not about you anymore.”

Hometown: Oslo, Norway.
Sounds like: Vallis Alps with Of Monsters and Men.
Say what? Lowkey, one of the first things I noticed about Anna of the North is how her cheekbones could actually cut glass and I am jell.









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