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Being signed to Chet Faker and Thrupence’s label Detail Records and supporting Chet’s Built on Live tour, you know Cleopold’s got a bit of somethin’ somethin’ going for him. On top of that, he has also worked with indie dance heroes like Miami Horror, Cassian and Bag Raiders. ALRIGHT who is this guy.

One listen to “Scarlet” and I understand Chet Faker’s attraction to Cleopold. It’s like in-between “The Trouble With Us” and “1998“. A good place to be. It even flits carefully between that late 90s, early 00s pop R&B sound, and borderline cheesy disco synth.

His vocals are a wonderful accompaniment for this kind of music. You can see why he’s collaborated so heavily in the past. It’s meldable, mild, smooth. Exactly what you need for similarly smooth tunez like this. Apart from the peculiar use of the word ‘scarlet’ itself (seriously, when was the last time a girl was described as ‘scarlet’?), this song is one for a sunny dancefloor.

With big name support behind him comes high expectations. Eagerly awaiting his next move.

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia but based in LA.
Upcoming EP: Currently finalising debut EP.
Sounds like: Pretty similar sound to the aforementioned indie dance heroes.
Say what? In an interview with triple j, Chet Faker reveals that he played his first ever gig with Cleopold, and the only thing that wasn’t recorded by him in Built On Glass was Cleopold’s 1.20 minutes of guitar in “Cigarettes and Loneliness”.

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