REVIEW // Jess Kent // Get Down


The endearing accent. The Foster the People-like sound effects. That grooving beat. Jess Kent has delivered for her very first single. This song is about growing up in Adelaide, which harks back to another originally Adeladian rapper Allday’s beginnings like “So Good”. Adelaide’s alright at producing quality rappers – you only need to look to the Hilltop Hoods. Kent has some promising alumni backing her up.

This song creeps up on you. She’s like a cool Ke$ha if there were such a thing. “Get Down” actually reminds me of “TiK ToK” – which is, no denying, a pretty damn catchy pop song. It has the whole ‘bored teenager in suburbia rebelling’ vibe going on. But her mother being of African-Indian descent, she’s incorporated some interesting elements into what could have been an otherwise straight pop song. You can hear the reggae drum beats and you can hear the grime influence.

“Sitting, watching, waiting, wishing”, it’s not deep or meaningful, but it’s pure bubblegum fun.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Sounds like: MIA, Tkay Maidza, Lily Allen
Say what? Because emojis serve the primary basis of communication online these days, the music video for “Get Down” is genius. Budget friendly, effective, adorable. Tick, tick, tick.

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