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High Highs, High Tension, Highasakite…there are a few High bands in the mix at the moment. But keep High-tails top of mind.

Every Australian has to embark on the Europe backpacking trip. And every Australian has to fall into a whirlwind romance and then get their heart broken on said Europe backpacking trip. It’s basically the ultimate patriotism.

This is why this High-tails song “My Heart” is so relatable. It’s a gorgeous carefree jam about travel and love. Nicholas Griffith, the lead singer (and also the singer of Big White), said this, “We started writing it when I came back from a holiday in Europe, and a lot of the lyrics reference the travel experiences I had. A girl I’d been staying with in Prague made me a paper crane before I left for France, and I was reading “The Catcher In The Rye” while on the road which inspired the line ‘Nobody knows where the animals go to when New York is frozen’.

To much fanfare, Philadelphia Grand Jury have reunited after breaking up, and the High-tails boys supported them on a national tour. They’ll also be appearing at Lost Paradise over New Years.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Upcoming album: Listen out for it in 2016.
Sounds like: Philadelphia Grand Jury.
Say what? Nicholas Griffith really enjoys hummus. Super important to know.

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