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Justin Bieber

Ignoring the rapey-ness of “What Do You Mean” for the moment (but I recommend checking this video clip out – it is STEAMY), let’s face this current Justin Bieber revival head-on.

For someone who is only 21, it is quite unbelievable (unbeliebable? Soz) that he’s already in a comeback period of his life. It’s scary to think what his life will be in another 5 years time and it should make us all grateful for our comparatively innocent teenagehoods.

Having gone through his fair share of controversy in the past couple of years, he has made the latter-half of 2015 his bitch and brought a banger of an album out. And it really has made it almost acceptable to enjoy his music now.

I’m going to take “Sorry” as an apology not just for Selena, but for us, the pop-culture-consuming citizens, at large. Welcome back, Justin.

“Sorry” is produced by Skrillex and Blood. Yes, it’s made up from the same recycled lyrics targeted directly at teenage girls’ hearts everywhere, “Is it too late now to say sorry / Cause I’m missing more than your body / Is it too late now to say sorry / Yeah I know that I let you down”. Points deducted for the tedium of these lyrics.

But while not particularly unique, the song itself is undeniably a fun and extremely catchy piece of pop. The album as a whole harks back to an unsung gem in Justin Bieber’s catalogue “Boyfriend”. He’s revived himself by sidling more towards R&B dance and away from bubblegum pop – and it totally works for him. Ready to soundtrack a night out, “Sorry” is ready for the dancefloor, cheesy synths included.

And even if you still can’t bring yourself to stomach J Biebs, at least it’s original.


Hometown: Ontario, Canada.
Upcoming album: Purpose, out 13 November 2015.
Sounds like: Usher, Jason Derulo.
Say what? There’s not much I could possibly dig out on Bieber that hasn’t already been exploited a million times over. Let’s just relive the ridiculousness of his 2014 mugshot. Now that’s truly a Ruby Rose twinning moment.

Justin Bieber

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