REVIEW // Snakehips – All My Friends ft. Tinashe & Chance the Rapper


I want you to read these lyrics and then imagine the kind of music that should accompany them:

All my friends are wasted
And I hate this club
Man I drink too much
Another Friday night I wasted
My eyes are black and red
I’m crawling back to your bed

Something acoustic, folky, soul maybe?

Well, ironically, “All My Friends” is something I can very well picture dancing in a club to. If not to the original, then at least to the three remixes that have come out with it.

But I forgive this irony because the chorus is SO relatable. The amount of times I’ve uttered or thought those very words. It’s about time someone put them into a song that we can all ironically dance to in a club. Let’s get cathartic.

The interplay between Snakehips‘ beats, Tinashe‘s warming vocals and Chance The Rapper‘s clever lyricism (“The nights we won’t remember/Are the nights we won’t remember”) work unsurprisingly well. It’s modern R&B – anthemic, thought-provoking, beautifully and elegantly put together. Wave Racer shouldn’t have bothered adding his touches for a remix – it’s already got that sparkling, fluid energy. 

And they’re coming to Australia over New Years so you can get wasted to them live! Beyond The Valley, Origin and Field Day. I’ll raise a glass to that.


Hometown: London, UK.
Sounds like: Raury, Rudimental.
Say what? The Snakehips duo met in a bar in Hong Kong, forgot to meet up again, and coincidentally met again on the same flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. Fate.

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