REVIEW // The Foxies – Floods

(…and we’re back!)

The Foxies

I can’t confess to knowing too much about the music scene of Phoenix, Arizona, aside from being the place of origin for the lead vocalist of a certain rap-metal band which defined my musical palate from 2001 to 2006. But this song is very much unlike anything that particular band ever made.

Arizona-based indie pop outfit THE FOXIES have certainly delivered the pop with this tune, bearing only the most minimal of ingredients  – clean analog basslines, simple drum loops, and resonant rock guitars. It evokes the sort of the streamlined 80s arrangements that bands like CHVRCHES have brought back in vogue, and does it with confidence. And the pop elements here are even more pronounced.

It’s moody yet defiantly upbeat, swelling with bubblegum pop vocal flourishes that would fill out the best Taylor Swift or Carly Rae Jepsen tracks. It’s fun and playful, but there’s some genuine heart to it. And the production never gets too ahead of itself – after all, there is a song to sing here, lyrics that mean something, and catchy melodies ready to bury themselves in your head.


Hometown: Arizona, US.
Sounds like: BØRNS, MS MR.
Say what? THE FOXIES have posted an endearingly lo-fi film camcorder recording of a Floods on their Facebook page – albeit a stripped down cover.

Over and out, Darren.  


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