REVIEW // ZHU x Skrillex x THEY. // Working For It

Zhu Skrillex

Hark back to Skrillex in 2012/13 and cringe slightly.

But this is not early 2010s Skrillex. This is an updated, modernised Skrillex and thank God for it. Add this to ZHU, already at the forefront of current music, and label mate THEY. (sidenote to all aspiring artists, it would help to pick a more SEO-friendly name), and you’ve got yourself a pretty good base for a song ready to make a splash.

This is the last release of ZHU’s Genesis Series, a big six-song collaboration fest, released every Friday for the last couple months. You have to admire ZHU’s business smarts. He brought on the modern revival of remaining faceless and anonymous, created a whole narrative around himself (just look to the whole Genesis Series experience), and worked with an incredible lineup of artists. It’s selling out the right way. And it helps that everything he releases is pretty fucking good.

“Working For It” is a delicious mixture of rap, ZHU’s trademark vocal manipulations and clean house sensibilities. It’s definitely one of the better tracks out of this series. Some of the other songs have felt convoluted – like they’ve tried to fit too much in them and it hasn’t harmonised. “Working For It” has successfully pulled all the elements into balance. What catches me is the toned-down dupstep drops, courtesy of Skrillex. You have to know how to move with the times. It’s easy to forget that like food and fashion, music can reach its use-by date. Skrillex has stayed relevant by moving with the times, updating his music as he goes.


Hometown: LA, US.
Sounds like: TNGHT, Hermitude, Gorgon City.
Say what? In order to maintain anonymity, ZHU performs behind a huge mesh curtain. It’s actually rather hostile.

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